The realm of Amariel is seemingly paradise on earth, a heavingly kingdom within deep forests and tall mountains where sickness and disease are virtually unheard of, where treasures of the most wondrous sort are crafted, sold, and bought daily, and where entities from the far corners of the multiverse converge to converse over ancient tomes, fight for supremacy, or merely enjoy a drink together. Beneath this beautiful facade, however, lies a haunting and domineering theocracy dedicated to a vile deity of chaos. The chief cleric of this religion appeals to all in her domain to seek all that their hearts may desire, yet seems to care little for the harm that such wanton lust inevitably causes.
In the end, Amariel is an unpredictable place where loveliness is tainted with horror, granting some lucky souls rewards beyond their wildest dreams.. and sending others to their eternal doom.


Amariel was not always as it is now. It began, long ago, as a simple summer home for Princess Amariel of Valestra, a once proud and powerful kingdom of Men. Although a number of her servitors dwelt within her grand mansion, many more built homes and workshops throughout the forests and along the riverbanks, making use of the abundant natural resources. Even after the princess' passing, Amariel continued to grow, eventually becoming a self-sustaining village ruled over by distant Valestra. No kingdom can last forever, however, and in the ensuing generations the strength and influence of Valestra's royalty began to wane until its ties with the village became cut off altogether.
Thus was it discovered by the nymph, Alura, who's connection with the divine source of her power felt strongest here of all places in Evalon. Although its founding kingdom had long since passed, it remained under the watchful eye of a descendent who had kept the peace in check for decades. His power was only mortalborn, however, and could not contend with the will of Desire. Proselytizing to the locals the cleric built a temple dedicated to her goddess far grander in stature than even the still intact Valestran mansion, gathering together her countless followers and servants. The remnants of the past royalty faded into the shadows as the village grew into a city and then into a metropolis, influencing not only the former lands of its founders but the distant realms of far off countries, as well. Centuries have passed, and now Amariel stands as a cornerstone of culture, commerce, art, and especially magic, centered on the power of the Enchantress who rules over all that is arcane.
Only time will tell if it is destined to share the same fate as its predecesor...


A city the size of Amariel plays host to a number of influential powers, but none takes center stage more than the Church of Quintessa, the goddess of magic who's heart burns with the passion of unrelenting desire and unrestrained destruction. It is due almost entirely to her followers that the kingdom has become as powerful as it is, and her hand can be felt in every facet of the community. The Temple of the Azure Rose is a focal point for her many worshippers, for those seeking the most powerful and ancient of magics, or for those who dream of making their wishes come true.
Headquarters: The temple is found at the heart of the Lešnder Valley, nestled against a bend in the river that flows through the Echidnea Mountains. Its crystaline towers radiate the midday sun across the forests, a shining beacon well suited to its patron deity. A great number of its clerics can be found within its walls, aiding those who seek their help, or merely enjoying the passion of life itself.
Members: ??? (just within Amariel; countless more spread across the multiverse)
Hierarchy: None. Only Alura is ever present, ruling over both the church and the realm of Amariel itself. Other clerics come and go, some leaving after finding momentary contentment, while others find it increasingly difficult to leave the kingdom's allure.
Religion: Quintessa
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Secrecy: None. If the church's vast structure dominating the skyline wasn't enough, its clergy can be found all throughout the city. Despite the villainous nature of their goddess, the church's members have no qualms with helping others so long as such services are used towards the achieving of one's desires (for the good or ill of the community at large).
Symbol: A blue rose encircled by its stem.


Despite its tremendous influence and power, the Temple of the Azure Rose does little in the ways of commanding others. They seek above all else to let others live life as they wish, standing not in the way of such pursuits. Only High Priestess Alura appears to hold any sway over the hearts and minds of others, using her unnatural charisma and ancient wisdom to judge the realm as she sees fit.
High Priestess Alura (CE female nymph Clr11/Tha5/Hie5/Pro12) is a paragon of the feywild's chaos, overflowing with the free flowing spirit of true desire. Despite her mortal heritage rumors persist that her life span is as great as even the eldest of high elves, and that even death itself can not stand in her way. With naught but the words of her voice she can unite the people, but often enough is more than happy to just let things be and enjoy the endless splender of life with her people.


The realm of Amariel can be found hiding in a deep valley within the great chain of the Echidnea Mountains, which stretch from the top of the world almost to its very bottom. The mountains colossal height dwarf even the tallest of Amariel's structures and, combined with its thick forests, keep the kingdom well hidden from all but the most ardent of its discoverers. From the very north of these mountains comes a river that flows through the realm, providing both resources and travel to its citizens. However, even this river freezes in the winter, of which Amariel suffers some of the harshest; although with its emmenities the thick snows and bitter winds are often seen as more of an annoyance than a threat to its people's way of life.
An ever widening expanse of forest has been cleared to make way for the city's growth, yet no more than is needed so as to keep its pristine beauty from being ruined. Only one other space has been cleared for the use of farms to provide livestock and produce for the city; Amariel began as a self-sustaining village and, although it receives trade from all throughout the world, it has sought to feed its burgeoning population itself as best it can. The surrounding forests of Lešnder are still home to beasts that provide fine nourishment, however their dwindling numbers in recent generations have led to a decrease in hunting so as not to wipe them all out. There are some within the city who's passion is for absolute destruction above all else, but even they are not so foolish as to eradicate everything without leaving enough to sustain oneself (save perhaps those who seek death for themselves in turn or are otherwise not fully sane).
Although the full borders of Amariel's domain fills much of the large valley, many of these structures are low-level dwellings owned by common workers and farmers, operating almost as an overlarge village with main thoroughfairs weaving throughout the land. Here it is most peaceful, and some of those who would be most powerful and influential in Amariel society have decided to hide away and remain in relative obscurity, lest the hustle and bustle of the city proper would disturb their tranquil musings. Its peace also comes with darkness, for there is little to light the way on one's path save the fires of the hearth found in each home. Yet even their lights add to the city's warm glow during the beautiful nights, flowing through the forests like a haunting mist that becon all who might travel through to seek glory, riches, and happiness.
It is within the very heart of the realm, alongside much of the river that flows through the valley, that the true city can be found, with its towering buildings, spectacular playgrounds, and hallowed temples. As the city grew over the centuries, many of its older wooden and masonry buildings were replaced with stonework crafted by the finest of dwarven smiths from all corners of the world, standing as a testament to the realm's strength and endurance. Many of the windows within the city are proctected by panes of glass, even stained glass for some of its more ornate locales, while the roads and causeways are well paved (and well used), often lined with rows of small trees to help keep the air fresh, while the city is kept lit by the fires of hooded lanterns (or everburning torches in some of its more affluent neighborhoods). Closest to the riverbank the buildings begin to diminish, often home to little more than large parks and marinas so as to enjoy to the natural splendor of the world without going too far beyond the city's limits. Such is the realm of Amariel, its appearance fostering warmth and joy to any who might enter, where even the most troubled of souls might find rest.


What began as a simple farming community has since grown over the years into a city bustling with trade of all sorts from every corner of the world. When Alura came to this quaint village she brought scores of followers with her, each seeking with all of their power their hearts' desires. Of course, many such desires can be satisfied with a mere trinket or two, while others are in the very making of them. Thus the realm of Amariel became home to countless crafters and artisans, forging beautiful jewelry, rich tapestries, and unmatched weaponry. Everywhere you look can be seen a vendor extolling the virtue of her wares, ensuring the customer that her goods are of only the highest quality; wether such words are true or not are left to the consumer to decide, and many seem unworried about such claims when a new bauble is to be had.
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