The Story So Far...

The 20th Day of the Month of Nárië of the 15th Year After locating the desert home of the recently slain blue dragon, Anthraxus the Despoiler, the remaining party consisting of Curwen the necromancer, Lebrecht the paladin, Santana the beast master, Stinkeye the barbarian, Zyn Argith the ranger, and "Z" the Fochluchan lyrist were besieged by a number of vile babau dæmons, leftovers from the great force lead by the glabrezu, Nabthatoron of Dæmonskar; their recent assault against the fiendish forces as well as the harrowing events surrounding Alek Tercival and the Starry Mirror were not enough to deter the heroes, as they made quick work of their foes... with the aid of a mysterious stranger. Calling himself 'Kaurophon,' he claimed to have been sent by the 'Smoking Eye,' a great power from the outer plane of Occipitus, one of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss from which the dæmonic hosts had once originated. His open desire to see the foul realm returned to the light matched the final, prophetic words of Tercival: "There is naught left for you in Cauldron, heroes! To return is to enter your own graves and to bring doom upon all you love! Trust the sign of the Smoking Eye if you wish to save them all!" Agreeing to join Kaurophon in his noble quest, the party plane shifted to Occipitus to begin their long, harrowing journey towards the layer's redemption...
The 29th Day of the Month of Nárië of the 15th Year Cross the vast and disturbing, skin-like surface of Occipitus, crashing steel and spell against the flesh of enumberable fiends, dread undead, mishapen chaos beasts, and even a shadow dæmon, the party came upon the ruined remains of the Cathedral of Feathers, a remnant of when a portion of Celestia fell into Occipitus centuries earlier. Amid their travels they rescued an angelic being going by the name of 'Liuvash,' a muse who had been trapped in the realm since the great conflict initiated by its master agaisnt the heavenly hosts, facing off against dæmons left-and-right, finding little end in sight. Joining with her heroes Liuvash sought to aid them through the 'Test of the Smoking Eye', who lifted up the hearts of her fellows with her cheerful psalms... but also used her telepathy to warn them of the true intentions that Kaurophon might be hiding from them. Entering the Cathedral the party was besat upon by a pair of driders, followers of the dark elf goddess, Lolth, their ferocity most intense against their natural foes, Santana and Zyn, but their defenses proved of little worth against the party's might; the same could be said of the noble salamander, Arrokh, for while teaming with his summoned fire elemental made the strikes with his spear all the deadlier, even the reptillian beast could not withstand nature's wrath. It was during the battle that some truth to Kaurophon's words had surfaced, as the cathedral suffered a celestial flashback, as if recalling its own memories of its former home and making them manifest---filling the building with a cool, scented air with downy feathers all around, strengthening the spirit of the paladin and allowing those suffering from the vile wounds of the shadow dæmon to be restored. Taking a much needed rest after the party's long trek and terrific battles, they examined the ancient rooms of the cathedral and found grand treasures left little disturbed in the centuries since the build's arrival in Occipitus. Upon entering the underground complex of the cathedral the party found themselves welcomed by a mummy lord, raising both hands and speaking with an empty voice: "Adimarchus, Most Potent Ruler of Occipitus, bids you welcome to the Test of the Smoking Eye. If you are here, then Occipitus lies fallow, without a strong hand to guide its development. Known then that you are a pretender to Adimarchus' throne. If you are worthy, step forward and undertake the Test of Judgment." The mummy lord warned them that they would have to make a harsh decision, to slay either a fierce bebilith or an innocent avoral---the party succeeded on the first task, rescuing the guardinal and proving themselves worthy to continue, aided by a lantern of guidance.
The 5th Day of the Month of Cermië of the 15th Year After another, long trek through long abandoned areas of celestial rubble, the remnants of the battleground between Celestia and Occipitus, the party came across the disgusting 'Plain of Cysts', each bulbous growth upon the flesh of Occipitus containing the remains of a great hero, some living, most dead. Facing off against fearsome fiends and other enemies of good, another noble creature was rescued---the couatl, Tiluklatl, wary of the darkness he sensed in some of those who stood before him but taking the avoral guardinal back across the planes with him, seeing the party to their task. With the aid of the lantern of guidance, the party found their way through a vast grouping of cysts, recovering treasure long lost to the ages before finding the means to finish their quest, as a teleportation circle well-hidden amid the cysts brought the party into the fibrous forests within sight of the great skull-like mountain that lay at the heart of Occipitus. "Heed the words of Adimarchus," spoke another mummy lord appearing before them. "You have passed the Test of Resolve. Attend to the wisdom of Adimarchus! Let neither riches nor weaponry, neither allies nor enemies, tempt you from your course. Instead, spread such distractions before your rivals. The lantern shall guide you to the final test: the Test of Sacrifice. Your ascension to the throne draws nigh!" As the mummy lord disappeared, the party followed the lantern's light across the vast plain of ulcers, a land erupting with boiling, blood-like fluids, towards the skull, readying themselves for the final part of their quest in Occipitus...

Most Recent Acquisitions

Currency, copper
Currency, gold 3,286 3,296.00 gp 65.72 lb.
Currency, platinum 1,390 13,900.00 gp 27.8 lb.
Currency, silver 5,950 595.00 gp 119 lb.
Adventuring gear, backpack 2 2.00 gp 4 lb.
Adventuring gear, belt pouches 2 1.00 gp 1 lb.
Adventuring gear, waterskin 2 1.00 gp 8 lb.
Armor, +1 Large studded leather 2 1,250.00 gp 80 lb.
Armor, +1 studded leather 3 1,762.50 gp 60 lb.
Armor, +3 Large fireshaped mithral breastplate* 1 7,050.00 gp 30 lb.
Armor, Large mithral shirt 2 1,200.00 gp 50 lb.
Armor, +1 full plate 1 1,325.00 gp 50 lb.
Armor, masterwork full plate 1 825.00 gp 50 lb.
Art object, ancient celestial religious texts and hymnals 3 3,000.00 gp 3 lb.
Art object, blown-glass hurricane lamp 1 100.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, embroidered silk mantle 1 100.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, gold and ruby ring 8 96,000.00 gp ---
Art object, gold cup set with emeralds 30 360,000.00 gp 30 lb.
Art object, gold cup set with sapphires 1 2,500.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, golden candelabras 4 1,000.00 gp 4 lb.
Art object, lightning-bolt amulet carved in ebony 1 150.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, masterwork ivory harp with golden strings 1 750.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, platinum and teak music box 1 1,000.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, rolled-up oil portrait of a lillend 1 100.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, slightly torn oil portrait of Lake Empyrea 1 200.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, statuette of Kyurek, favored of Pelor 1 150.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, torn oil portrait of Sacrima the planetar 1 350.00 gp 1 lb.
Gems, bloodstone 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, carnelian 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, chalcedony 3 150.00 gp ---
Gems, chrysoprase 3 150.00 gp ---
Gems, citrine 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, iolite 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, jasper 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, moonstone 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, obsidian 1 10.00 gp ---
Gems, onyx 4 200.00 gp ---
Gems, rock crystals 8 400.00 gp ---
Gems, zircon 4 200.00 gp ---
Material components, true seeing ointment 2 250.00 gp ---
Poison, dragon bile 2 1,500.00 gp ---
Poison, giant wasp poison 18 1,890.00 gp ---
Potion, invisibility 3 450.00 gp ---
Ring, counterspells 1 2,000.00 gp ---
Ring, protection +1 1 1,000.00 gp ---
Ring, water walking 10 75,000.00 gp ---
Scroll, cure serious wounds (CL 5th; divine) 1 187.50 gp ---
Scroll, dispel magic (CL 5th; divine) 1 187.50 gp ---
Scroll, flame strike (CL 9th; divine) 1 562.50 gp ---
Scroll, plane shift (CL 9th; divine) 1 562.50 gp ---
Scroll, speak with dead (CL 5th; divine) 1 187.50 gp ---
Scroll, true resurrection (CL 17th; divine) 6 86,475.00 gp ---
Tools, artisan's tools 1 2.50 gp 5 lb.
Tools, holly and mistletoe 2 --- ---
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Lolth 2 25.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Surtur 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, spell component pouch 2 5.00 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, +1 dagger 3 3,453.00 gp 3 lb.
Weapon, +1 darkwood composite (+5 Str) longbow 2 2,930.00 gp 3 lb.
Weapon, +1 darkwood lance 2 2,410.00 gp 10 lb.
Weapon, +1 holy bastard sword 1 9,167.50 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, +1 Large darkwood composite (+1 Str) shortbow 2 2,565.00 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, +1 Large greatsword 2 2,400.00 gp 32 lb.
Weapon, +1 spear 1 1,151.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, +1 unholy dagger 1 9,151.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, +3 Large fireshaped longspear* 1 9,555.00 gp 18 lb.
Weapon, Large adamantine dagger 4 6,004.00 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, masterwork alchemical silver arrows 40 161.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, dagger 15 15.00 gp 15 lb.
Wondrous item, amulet of natural armor +1 3 3,000.00 gp ---
Wondrous item, bracers of archery, lesser 1 2,500.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, candles of invocation (chaotic-evil, 3 hours remaining) 2 6,300.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, cloak of resistance +3 1 4,500.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, elemental gem (fire) 1 1,125.00 gp ---
GRAND TOTAL 735,592.50 gp 723.52 lb.
PER PLAYER (rounded down)
Curwen (gems, spell component pouch) 120,286.25 gp ---
Stinkeye (6 masterwork alchemical arrows) 122,574.60 gp ---
Zyn Argith (+1 amulet of natural armor, 2 doses of dragon bile) 120,098.75 gp ---
Lebrecht, Santana, "Z" (each) 122,598.75 gp ---
*See "fireshaped template," Dungeon Master's Guide II, p.275

Q&A with Kaurophon

Kaurophon What's Occipitus? "Occipitus is another plane, once part of Celestia but now corrupted and consumed by evil. I've traveled its lands for years, and I think I've uncovered the secret of controlling the plane and cleansing it." Who lives there? "Few creatures do. Even dæmons regard it as haunted, because the light of good still shines there. Yet the evil is so strong that the angels of Celestia count it as lost forever. Unfortunately, some dæmons and other creatures have moved there, trying to pass the Test of the Smoking Eye and expunge what good remains there." Where is it? "It is part of the Abyss right now. But if the right person passes the Test of the Smoking Eye, he could separate it from the Lower Planes. Perhaps it would become a demiplane, or perhaps it would again become part of Celestia." What is Occipitus like? "In the center of Occipitus is a half-buried skull the size of a mountain, and from its eye spews the perpetual flame that fills the sky. Around it are parts of what was once Celestia, mixed with a strange, almost living landscape: Occipitus' original evil." What are you? "I'm a traveler, and I've wandered the planes for hundreds of years. Because I was born of an illicit dalliance between fiend and human, I'm welcome nowhere. Perhaps my heritage is the reason I want to help someone pass the Test of the Smoking Eye and purify Occipitus. But I'm not one for introspection." What is the Test of the Smoking Eye? "It's a test created by the former ruler of the plane, who disappeared years ago. Whoever passes the Test of the Smoking Eye becomes the new rightful ruler of Occipitus. Passing the first part of the test reveals the location of the second part, and so on. I stumbled upon the location of the first test, but I'm not powerful enough to pass it. The prophet's (Alek Tercival) final words give me hope that you have sufficient power." Who ruled Occipitus before? "A dæmon lord named Adimarchus, I believe. He vanished fifty years ago, likely slain by one of his countless enemies." What's the first part of the test? "You must enter a hidden chamber within a ruined Celestial cathedral. There you must choose one of two doors; one with a bebilith dæmon behind it and one with an avoral guardinal." How'd you get here? "Much to my surprise, I found myself here just moments after I heard the prophet's words inside my head. I suppose that I'm the "sign of the Smoking Eye" he talked about." What's in it for you? "I want to see a new direction for Occipitus, and I have the sense that it has a crucial role to play in the battle between good and evil." We need to buy more gear/rest and heal first. And we need to get back to Cauldron to stop an invasion! "If it's truly necessary, so be it, but beware! Rivals of unsurpassed evil lurk near the first part of the Test. If we wait too long, they'll gain a lead on us. Besides, I know of places on Occipitus where healing is easier, and a place I suspect holds Celestial weapons of great power. Unfortunately, I cannot help us return to your homes." Rivals? "Yes, some dæmons dream of ruling Occipitus themselves and remaking the place as a plane of pure evil. I know of at least two such groups—one led by a succubus and another led by a renegade rakshasa. They're close to finding the first part of the test." What if we get stranded there? "I've prepared a few scrolls of plane shift for you. Simply read them, and you'll be transported back to the Material Plane." Where'd those babaus come from? "If I had to guess, I'd say that your recent actions against the forces of evil got you noticed by someone, and that someone sent the babaus out to finish you off. In fact, I suspect the attack may have something to do with the true enemy you face." You're evil! "You're detecting my unfortunate heritage—the fiendish blood that flows through my veins. Just as I'm trying to purify my own soul, so too am I trying to end the battle between good and evil on Occipitus. I hope that someday my aura will be as pure as yours. In any event, the evil that taints my soul is a pale shadow to those who have risen against you in Cauldron." You're using an illusion! "My true form isn't as pleasant as this one, and I wanted to make sure you'd hear my plea." What do you know about Cauldron and our enemies there? "I know precious little, I'm afraid. The group that has been orchestrating the troubles in your town from behind the scenes is known as the Cagewrights. They are the source of the unrest in your city. Their agents were involved in the kidnappings and thefts that plagued Cauldron. Yet I fear their true goals for the region are much more sinister." What do they intend to do? "Alas, I'm not sure. It has something to do with a planar ritual, but beyond that, I cannot say." How do you know so much about the Cagewrights? "My research into the nature of Occipitus drew their attention, and for a time they tried to convince me to join their organization. I went along with them for a time, hoping to use them to further my own goals. Yet soon, I came to realize the simple fact that they were all mad, and I left them to their lunacies."


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