The Story So Far...

The day started with one of the construction workers from the Cathedral of Wee Jas informing the group of suspicious goings ons within the complex, but as the party makes their way through Cauldron they find themselves beset upon by further assassins --- not unlike the ones theyf aced two days prior. While the two males are brought low by the party's might, the female of the group is retained long enough to learn that they had been sent by the cathedral as hired thugs staying at the Slippery Eel. She, too, is dispatched once her usefulness ends. A knock upon the grand doors of the cathedral is received with no answer, prompting the party to teleport inside with "Z" taking the lead... and walking straight into a trap as the party follows: three half-orcs, two stone giants, and a cleric of Wee Jas stand in the way. With song and sword, spell and arrow, the dark servants of the Ruby Goddess are laid to waste, giving the party more freedom to explore the cathedral's numerous rooms. The party has found neither hide nor hair of either Embril Aloustani, the high priestess of Wee Jas in Cauldron, nor of her lackey, Ike Iverson; what has been found, however, were numerous unholy relics, the least valueable of which were quickly destroyed. The intact body of Todd Vanderboren, one of the Stormblades, is found laid out upon a slab ready for resurrection. Life is returned to him and he returned to Cora Lathenmire (much to his chagrin) at the Coy Nixie. Entering the private quarters of Embril the party learns of the clerics of Wee Jas being made a part of Lord Vhalantru's patrols, and a particular letter addressed to Aloustani is discovered with some cryptic clues...
High Priestess,
As many have heard me say, the cages alone will not allow the completion of the ritual. What more is needed I cannot say, and so I continue to explore the mysteries of the soul pillars at great peril. The guardian grows ever more restless, and the insanity that lies frozen in Karran-Kural is beginning to stir.
My price has doubled.

Loot (Secrets of the Soul Pillars)

Currency, copper 4 .04 gp 0.08 lb.
Currency, gold 2727 2,727.00 gp 54.54 lb.
Currency, platinum 222 2,220.00 gp 4.44 lb.
Currency, silver 6 .60 gp .12 lb.
Adventuring gear, block and tackle 2 5.00 gp 10 lb.
Armor, +1 chain shirt 2 1,250.00 gp 50 lb.
Armor, +1 full plate 4 5,300.00 gp 200 lb.
Armor, +1 heavy red steel shield 3 3,780.00 gp 45 lb.
Armor, +1 light red steel shield 1 1,254.50 gp 6 lb.
Armor, +1 light shield 2 1,159.00 gp 12 lb.
Armor, +1 studded leather 2 1,175.00 gp 40 lb.
Armor, +3 chain shirt 1 4,625.00 gp 25 lb.
Armor, Large hide armor 2 30.00 gp 100 lb.
Art object, gilded candlesticks 3 900.00 gp  
Art object, series of religious texts (+1 competence, Knowledge [religion]) 1 500.00 gp 1,620 lb.
Art object, wall hangings of Wee Jas 2 200.00 gp 240 lb.
Art object, wall hangings of Wee Jas (exceptionally beautifully done) 2 300.00 gp 240 lb.
Food, mugs of ale -156 -6.24 gp  
Gems, black pearls 6 3,000 gp  
Potion, bear's endurance 2 300.00 gp  
Potion, bull's strength 2 300.00 gp  
Potion, cure moderate wounds 3 450.00 gp  
Potion, cure serious wounds 8 3,000.00 gp  
Potion, see invisibility 2 300.00 gp  
Ring, counterspells (dispel magic) 2 4,000.00 gp  
Ring, protection +1 5 5,000.00 gp  
Ring, protection +2 1 4,000.00 gp  
Rod, metamagic, Silent, lesser 4 6,000.00 gp 20 lb.
Scroll, mirror image (CL 3rd; arcane) 1 75.00 gp  
Special substance, antitoxin (vial) 6 150.00 gp  
Tools, masterwork artisan's tools 2 55.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, masterwork musical instrument 2 100.00 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, +1 dwarven waraxe 3 3,495.00 gp 24 lb.
Weapon, +1 greatsword 2 2,350.00 gp 16 lb.
Weapon, +1 heavy mace 1 1,156.00 gp 8 lb.
Weapon, +1 rapier 2 2,320.00 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, +2 spiked chain 1 4,162.50 gp 10 lb.
Weapon, dagger 1 1.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, Large greatclub 2 10.00 gp 32 lb.
Wondrous item, amulet of natural armor +1 5 5,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, bracers of armor +2 2 4,000.00 gp 2 lb.
Wondrous item, cloak of Charisma +2 1 2,000.00 gp 2 lb.
Wondrous item, cloak of resistance +2 1 2,000.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, cloak of resistance +3 1 4,500.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, elemental gem (earth) 2 2,250.00 gp  
Wondrous item, gauntlets of ogre power 5 10,000.00 gp 20 lb.
Wondrous item, gloves of Dexterity +2 2 4,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, periapt of Wisdom +2 1 2,000.00 gp  
GRAND TOTAL 101,394.40 gp 2,792.18 lb.
PER PLAYER (rounded down)
REMAINDER 20,278.88 gp  
Food, bottle of vintage fey-mead 1 500.00 gp 1.5 lb.
REMAINDER 19.778.88 gp 1.5 lb.
REMAINDER 20,278.88 gp  
Currency, gold 250 250.00 gp 5 lb.
REMAINDER 20,028.88 gp 5 lb.
REMAINDER 20,278.88 gp  
Scroll, resurrection (CL 13th; divine) 2 12,275.00 gp  
Scroll, true resurrection (CL 17th; divine) 5 72,062.50 gp  
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Hextor 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Lolth 2 25.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Surtur 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of the Ebon Triad 1 .50 gp  
Tools, large black iron dæmon-shaped keys connected with the Underdark 4    
Tools, rings of keys (location unknown) 4