The Story So Far...

"When cages of metal hold souls of pain the prison will open."
Starday, 15th of Reaping, 594 CY The Library of Souls, an ancient room where fifteen corpses stood frozen in place, equally spaced along its rectangular length; five each of dwarves, elves, and humans. From head to toe, the corpses were covered in faintly glowing blue runes and glyphs, recording the history of Karran-Kural and its spell weaver creators. The history was brief, but it outlined the spell weaver belief that a fundamental connection exists between the magical essences of death and cold and that the tomb was built to explore that strange connection. Birthmark of the Shackleborn Beyond lay a simple room housing the living quarters of Fetor Abradius, the papers on his desk containing extensive and valuable notes on the nature of the ruins, the Soul Pillars, and the Cagewrights, a group seeking to put the soulcages to use in a powerful ritual requiring the presence of the Shackleborn, individuals born with a special invisible birthmark. At the farthest reaches of Karran-Kural was the last great repository of spell weaver lore, housing five massive columns of gray necrotic flesh, emanating a chill throughout the room, tortured visages forming and fading on the surface with a faint whisper --- the Soul Pillars. Within also lay the dracolich Vittriss Bale, the most dangerous undead guardian the spell weavers ever created. With his final destruction Karran-Kural and the secrets it held were taken from the Cagewrights, its dark knowledge causing the heroic forces of Cauldron to grow quite distraught and concerned, many of them beginning their own research into what's going on behind the scenes.
Godsday, 11th of Goodmonth, 594 CY Dark clouds fill the sky, reflecting the somber mood of the troubled townsfolk...

Loot (Secrets of the Soul Pillars)

Currency, gold 5,611 5,611.00 gp 112.22 lb.
Currency, platinum 2,139 21,390.00 gp 42.78 lb.
Armor, +1 full plate 1 1,325.00 gp 50 lb.
Art object, platinum crown set with emeralds 1 7,000.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, platinum rings set with diamonds 3 5,250.00 gp  
Art object, platinum scepter set with emeralds 1 5,000.00 gp 5 lb.
Gem, aquamarine 3 2,400.00 gp  
Gem, black pearls 3 2,400.00 gp  
Gem, bloodstones 3 240.00 gp  
Gem, large diamonds 5 7,500.00 gp  
Gem, moonstones 3 240.00 gp  
Gem, onyx 3 240.00 gp  
Gem, small diamonds 5 4,625.00 gp  
Gem, violet garnet 3 2,400.00 gp  
Potion, cure serious wounds 1 375.00 gp  
Weapon, +1 greataxe 1 1,160.00 gp 12 lb.
Weapon, +2 keen bastard sword 1 9,167.50 gp 6 lb.
Wondrous item, amulet of health +2 1 2,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, amulet of natural armor +1 1 1,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, gauntlets of ogre power 1 2,000.00 gp 4 lb.
GRAND TOTAL 81,323.50 gp 233 lb.
REMAINDER 16,264.70 gp 46.6 lb.
Scroll, resurrection (CL 13th; divine) 2 12,275.00 gp  
Scroll, true resurrection (CL 17th; divine) 5 72,062.50 gp  
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Hextor 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Lolth 2 25.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Surtur 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Wee Jas marked with verses of anathema 1 250.00 gp 1 lb.
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of the Ebon Triad 1 .50 gp  
Tools, large black iron dæmon-shaped keys connected with the Underdark 4    
Tools, master key to all locks in the Cathedral of Wee Jas 1    
Tools, rings of keys (location unknown) 4    
Wand, cure serious wounds (CL 5th; charges) 48 5,400.00 gp  
Wand, death ward (CL 7th; charges) 40 8,400.00 gp  
Wand, lesser restoration (CL 2nd; charges) 50 750.00 gp  
Wand, magic circle against evil (CL 5th; charges) 40 4,500.00 gp  

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