The Story So Far...

Watersday, 12th of Goodmonth, 594 CY Lady Rhiavadi lets the wine goblet that she is holding drift from her hand. It floats next to her, suspended in the air as if held by some unseen servant. A golden weasel with beady black eyes slinks across the floor toward her, and she scoops it up and begins stroking it affectionately. Her voice fills the hall as she welcomes her honored guests and shares her chilling vision of the future. Thifirane Rhiavadi "More than three centuries ago, the demodands sent a few of their kind to our reality," she says. "Disguised as humans, they mated with humans and other denizens of this plane. Most of their spawn were stillborn, but a few survived. They in turn mated and produced the next generation with demodand blood. As the generations passed, all obvious traces of their demodand ancestry faded away. Today, we recognize this sacred lineage by an invisible birthmark: the sign of Carceri!" At this point, Lady Rhiavadi gestures to the symbol on the tapestry behind her, which begins to writhe. "We call these honored descendants 'the Shackleborn,' and their sacrifice is the key to unlocking a portal to Othrys, the first realm of Carceri. Here, demodands and countless, other fiends have languished for near-eternity. In Cauldron, we have found more Shackleborn than anywhere else in the realm, and in Cauldron, we have the perfect conditions for the ritual of planar junction." The tapestry's writhing rune suddenly grows, becoming a twisted black tree with metal cages dangling from its iron branches. "For the past several years, the Cagewrights have labored in secret to build thirteen soulcages to drain the life energy from the Shackleborn. These soulcages hang from an artifact called the Tree of Shackled Souls---the device that gathers the life energy needed to unlock the prison doors of Carceri. All of the preparations are now complete. The Shackleborn are safely in our hands and ready to give their lives to change the world forever. All that remains is the ritual itself, and it is already underway." The black tree bursts into flames and melts into nothingness. "Once the ritual is complete, Cauldron won't be the same quiet little burg it is today. It will be the font from which the darkness gushes forth, a roiling pit filled with doom and despair for our enemies. Almost immediately, fiendish armies will sweep across the land and lay waste to surrounding territories, enslaving the weak and carving out new dominions. Naturally, we expect resistance on all sides, and that's where you come in." As Lady Rhiavadi's revels draw to an end, a fat humanoid with boarlike tusks speaks up. "All eyes will be on Cauldron," he chuckles. "We'll have their worst fears to toy with." "Precisely," replies Thifirane. "As kings raise armies to confront the legions of Carceri, your slavers, merchants, mercenaries, spies, and assassins will methodically search for weaknesses from within, soften their resolve, and convince them that their only true choices are to yield or die. And there is one group in particular that has been nipping at my masters' heels for far too long. Your organizations have tangled with them before... you know whom I speak of. I trust that, as your first services to the Cagewrights, you can see to these meddling gnats with all possible haste."

Loot (Lords of Oblivion)

Currency, gold 35,000 35,000.00 gp 700 lb.
Currency, platinum 400 4,000.00 gp 8 lb.
Currency, copper (Last Laugh) 5 .05 gp .1 lb.
Currency, gold (Last Laugh) 765 765.00 gp 15.3 lb.
Currency, platinum (Last Laugh) 5 50.00 gp .1 lb.
Currency, silver (Last Laugh) 147 14.70 gp 2.94 lb.
Adventuring gear, chest 5 5.00 gp 125 lb.
Armor, +1 full plate with armor spikes 1 1,350.00 gp 60 lb.
Armor, +1 heavy steel shield 1 585.00 gp 15 lb.
Armor, +1 light steel shield 1 579.50 gp 6 lb.
Armor, +1 shadow studded leather 1 2,462.50 gp 20 lb.
Armor, +1 studded leather 1 587.50 gp 20 lb.
Armor, +2 breastplate 1 2,175.00 gp 30 lb.
Armor, +2 chainmail 2 4,300.00 gp 80 lb.
Armor, +2 Large chain shirt 1 2,275.00 gp 50 lb.
Armor, leather armor 15 75.00 gp 225 lb.
Armor, masterwork full plate 3 2,475.00 gp 150 lb.
Armor, masterwork heavy steel shield (bears symbol of Nerull) 1 85.00 gp 15 lb.
Armor, Small leather armor 1 5.00 gp 7.5 lb.
Art object, chamberpots of carved obsidian gilt in gold and silver 4 1,000.00 gp 20 lb.
Art object, dozen or so sheets of gold-rimmed stationary, tiny vials of ink, several silver writing pens 2 1,000.00 gp 2 lb.
Art object, fragile glass table 1 1,200.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, large marble tub gilt with gold and mithral (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.230) 1 4,000.00 gp 1400 lb.
Art object, leather half-mask set with a black diamond 1 1,000.00 gp  
Art object, masterwork paintings (Démonskar, Shatterhorn, Spire of Long Shadows, Keep of Jarl Khurok, Cauldron; 3 ft.×5 ft.) 5 3,750.00 gp 50 lb.
Art object, mirror 1 200.00 gp 35 lb.
Art object, paintings of fey 14 3,500.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, set of delicate tea cups and saucers 1 500.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, silverware set 1 1,400.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, small ivory plaque 1 50.00 gp  
Art object, small ivory statuette of Thifirane Rhiavadi set with precious gems 1 1,500.00 gp  
Art object, statuettes of cavorting nymphs and satyrs made of silver and gold 7 3,500.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, telescope 1 4,000.00 gp 800 lb.
Art object, various bath salts and oils 1 200.00 gp  
Art object, vial of dryad's blood perfume 1 700.00 gp  
Art object, vials of perfume 7 350.00 gp  
Food, "blue" icebox (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.230) 1 1,012.05 gp 300 lb.
Food, bottles of rare and expensive wine and liquor, unopened 8 4,000.00 gp 12 lb.
Food, bottles of wine of various vintages, unopened 16 1,600.00 gp 24 lb.
Food, containers of expensive, imported tea 12 2,400.00 gp 3 lb.
Gem, diamond dust (pinch) 12 600.00 gp  
Gem, pearl (various colors) 7 700.00 gp  
Outfit, black cloak and clothing 1 15.00 gp 5 lb.
Outfit, monk's 2 5.00 gp 4 lb.
Outfit, noble's 14 525.00 gp 140 lb.
Outfit, red gem-studded robe 1 1,500.00 gp 1 lb.
Poison, deathblade (vial) 3 2,700.00 gp  
Potion, alter self 1 150.00 gp  
Potion, bull's strength 1 150.00 gp  
Potion, cure moderate wounds 7 1,050.00 gp  
Potion, haste 1 375.00 gp  
Potion, invisibility 1 150.00 gp  
Potion, mage armor 2 50.00 gp  
Potion, shield of faith 2 50.00 gp  
Ring, counterspells (black platinum; feeblemind) 1 2,000.00 gp  
Ring, mind shielding 1 4,000.00 gp  
Ring, protection +2 2 8,000.00 gp  
Scroll, cloudkill (CL 9th; arcane) 1 562.50 gp  
Scroll, flame strike (CL 5th; divine) 1 562.50 gp  
Scroll, greater dispel magic (CL 12th; arcane) 1 900.00 gp  
Scroll, phantasmal killer (CL 7th; arcane) 1 350.00 gp  
Scroll, prismatic spray (CL 13th; arcane) 1 1,137.50 gp  
Scroll, raise dead (CL 5th; divine) 1 3,062.50 gp  
Scroll, stone to flesh (CL 11th; arcane) 1 825.00 gp  
Tools, masterwork instruments 7 350.00 gp 21 lb.
Tools, spell component pouch 1 2.50 gp 2 lb.
Tools, spellbook (Melagorn Thureq; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.371) 1 5,200.00 gp 3 lb.
Tools, spellbook (Thifirane Rhiavadi; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.380) 1 12,000.00 gp 7.5 lb.
Wand, cure moderate wounds (CL 3rd; charges) 9 405.00 gp  
Wand, fireball (CL 5th; charges) 22 2,475.00 gp  
Wand, hold person (CL 5th; charges) 30 3,375.00 gp  
Wand, magic missile (CL 7th; charges) 30 1,575.00 gp  
Wand, silence (CL 3rd; charges) 6 270.00 gp  
Weapon, +1 bullet 40 920.20 gp 20 lb.
Weapon, +1 dwarven waraxe 1 1,165.00 gp 8 lb.
Weapon, +1 Large greatsword 1 1,200.00 gp 8 lb.
Weapon, +1 morningstar ("Bloodfever") 1 1,154.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, +1 unholy heavy mace 1 9,156.00 gp 8 lb.
Weapon, +1 whip 1 1,150.50 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, +1/+1 orc double axe 2 4,660.00 gp 30 lb.
Weapon, +2 dwarven urgrosh 2 8,350.00 gp 24 lb.
Weapon, arrows 340 8.50 gp 51 lb.
Weapon, bolts 90 4.50 gp 9 lb.
Weapon, composite (+2 Str) shortbow 15 1,687.50 gp 30 lb.
Weapon, dagger 3 3.00 gp 3 lb.
Weapon, falchion 15 562.50 gp 120 lb.
Weapon, heavy crossbow 2 50.00 gp 16 lb.
Weapon, Large composite (+5 Str) longbow 1 350.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, light crossbow 1 17.50 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, masterwork bastard sword 1 335.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, masterwork dagger 1 151.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, masterwork light crossbow 3 502.50 gp 12 lb.
Weapon, masterwork short sword 1 155.00 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, masterwork shortbow 1 165.00 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, masterwork shuriken poisoned with large scorpion venom 10 1,031.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, Small short sword 1 5.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, spiked gauntlets 1 2.50 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, amulet of health +2 2 4,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, amulet of natural armor +2 2 8,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, belt of giant strength +2 1 2,000.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, bracers of armor +2 1 2,000.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, cape of the mountebank 1 5,040.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, gauntlets of ogre power 1 2,000.00 gp 4 lb.
Wondrous item, gloves of Dexterity +6 1 18,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, hat of Charisma +2 (functions as a cloak of Charisma +2) 1 2,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, headband of intellect +2 1 2,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, ioun stone (dusty rose prism) 1 2,500.00 gp  
Wondrous item, periapt of Wisdom +2 1 2,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, silver cage pendant (doubles as shield guardian amulet) 1 10,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, slippers of spider climbing 1 2,400.00 gp 0.5 lb.
GRAND TOTAL 243,450.00 gp 4,949.94 lb.
Tools, spellbook (Melagorn Thureq; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.371) 1 5,200.00 gp 3 lb.
Tools, spellbook (Thifirane Rhiavadi; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.380) 1 12,000.00 gp 7.5 lb.
REMAINDER 63,950.00 gp 10.5 lb.
Art object, vial of dryad's blood perfume 1 700.00 gp  
Gem, diamond dust (pinch) 300 15,000 gp  
Gem, large diamond 5 7,500 gp  
Ring, counterspells (black platinum; feeblemind) 1 2,000.00 gp  
Ring, counterspells (greater dispel magic) 1 -2,000.00 gp  
REMAINDER 57,950.00 gp  
Armor, +1 shadow studded leather 1 2,462.50 gp 20 lb.
REMAINDER 78,687.50 gp 20 lb.
Scroll, resurrection (CL 13th; divine) 2 12,275.00 gp  
Scroll, true resurrection (CL 17th; divine) 5 72,062.50 gp  
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Hextor 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Lolth 2 25.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Surtur 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Wee Jas marked with verses of anathema 1 250.00 gp 1 lb.
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of Erythnul 1 .50 gp  
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of Nerull 1 .50 gp  
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of the Ebon Triad 1 .50 gp  
Tools, keys to all locked doors in the Brass Trumpet (Last Laugh safe house) 1    
Tools, large black iron dæmon-shaped keys connected with the Underdark 4    
Tools, library (Thifirane Rhiavadi; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.232) 1   1,620 lb.
Tools, master key to all locks in the Cathedral of Wee Jas 1    
Tools, notes (Fetor Abradius; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.219) 1    
Tools, notes (Thifirane Rhiavadi; see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.231) 1    
Tools, rings of keys (location unknown) 4    
Wand, cure serious wounds (CL 5th; charges) 48 5,400.00 gp  
Wand, death ward (CL 7th; charges) 40 8,400.00 gp  
Wand, lesser restoration (CL 2nd; charges) 49 735.00 gp  
Wand, magic circle against evil (CL 5th; charges) 40 4,500.00 gp  

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