The Story So Far...

"All eyes will be on Cauldron. We'll have their worst fears to toy with."
Godsday, 11th of Goodmonth, 594 CY === Dark Night Having just explored the Ruins of Karran-Kural, the heroes enjoyed some down time while catching up on rumors before being invited to meet with the leader of the local chapter of the Striders of Fharlanghn; one Meerthan Eliothlorn, at the Drunken Morkoth Inn. Meerthan needed their help rescuing Fario Ellegoth, an agent who was captured while spying on House Rhiavadi from a Last Laugh safe house before he cracked under interrogation and revealed the extent of the Striders' activities in Cauldron. Jil Torturing Fario The Last Laugh's safe house was an abandoned inn called the Brass Trumpet, its windows borded up and its rooms sparsely populated by thieves and brigands baring their secretive lucre, coins marked with the silhouette of a jester. One secret passage after another led to a black-clad figure: Jil, a respected member of the Last Laugh, who had whipped her helpless captive into near unconsciousness; however, the following act of slitting Fario's throat sealed her own doom as the heroes wasted no time in ending her. His life narrowly saved, Fario told them everything he knew about Lady Rhiavadi and her estate, an imperious structure that had seen numerous dark denizens, including half-orc mercenaries hired by Lord Vhalantru, enter and leave the manor at all hours of the day and night, some heading straight to House Vhalantru after leaving House Rhiavadi, while some stayed inside for hours. Thifirane Rhiavadi herself had not been seen entering or leaving her house in weeks, but she was known to have had several shady guests staying at her manor. One such visitor was a comely yet pale half-elf clad in scant, tight-fitting black garments, arriving at House Rhiavadi the previous night by horse-drawn coach, wearing a cloak of black shadow that fluttered about her, even though the night air was still. A band of well-armed humans---perhaps mercenaries or adventurers---arrived two days before; one of them carried a black mace capped with an iron skull and a heavy shield emblazoned with the symbol of Nerull. Lady Rhiavadi's other guests included a contingent of five well-armed dwarves who arrived three days before, one of them a white-haired, white-beareded gregarious fellow wearing a black, leather half-mask that covered his right eye, a black gem set into the mask's eye socket---identified as Adrick Garthûn, the gold-toothed owner of a successful importing agency who was an otherwise common sight at the Cusp of Sunrise dining club.
Watersday, 12th of Goodmonth, 594 CY Knocking on the front doors of House Rhiavadi produced two hulking half-orc guards, one opening the door and attempting to frighten the heroes off, saying only that the lady wasn't interested in anything they had to offer; however, the dim guard was easily swayed by the scintillating words of the more charismatic individuals of the party, the lustrously-dressed sorceress convincing him that they were late guests, emissaries in service to Lord Vhalantru, while the black-clothed bard was intent on providing the estate with a performance that would most certainly bring the house down.

Loot (Lords of Oblivion)

Currency, gold 35,000 35,000.00 gp 700 lb.
Currency, copper (Last Laugh) 5 .05 gp .1 lb.
Currency, gold (Last Laugh) 765 765.00 gp 15.3 lb.
Currency, platinum (Last Laugh) 5 50.00 gp .1 lb.
Currency, silver (Last Laugh) 147 14.70 gp 2.94 lb.
Adventuring gear, chest 5 5.00 gp 125 lb.
Armor, +1 shadow studded leather 1 2,462.50 gp 20 lb.
Armor, +2 chainmail 2 4,300.00 gp 80 lb.
Armor, leather armor 15 75.00 gp 225 lb.
Armor, masterwork full plate 1 825.00 gp 50 lb.
Armor, Small leather armor 1 5.00 gp 7.5 lb.
Art object, chamberpots of carved obsidian gilt in gold and silver 4 1,000.00 gp 20 lb.
Art object, dozen or so sheets of gold-rimmed stationary, tiny vials of ink, several silver writing pens 2 1,000.00 gp 2 lb.
Art object, fragile glass table 1 1,200.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, large marble tub gilt with gold and mithral (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.230) 1 4,000.00 gp 1,400 lb.
Art object, masterwork paintings (Dæmonskar, Shatterhorn, Spire of Long Shadows, Keep of Jarl Khurok, Cauldron; 3 ft.×5 ft.) 5 3,750.00 gp 50 lb.
Art object, mirror 1 200.00 gp 35 lb.
Art object, paintings of fey 14 3,500.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, set of delicate tea cups and saucers 1 500.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, silverware set 1 1,400.00 gp 1 lb.
Art object, statuettes of cavorting nymphs and satyrs made of silver and gold 7 3,500.00 gp 70 lb.
Art object, telescope 1 4,000.00 gp 800 lb.
Art object, various bath salts and oils 1 200.00 gp  
Art object, vial of dryad's blood perfume 1 700.00 gp  
Art object, vials of perfume 7 350.00 gp  
Food, "blue" icebox (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.230) 1 1,001.05 gp 300 lb.
Food, bottles of rare and expensive wine and liquor, unopened 8 4,000.00 gp 12 lb.
Food, bottles of wine of various vintages, unopened 16 1,600.00 gp 24 lb.
Food, bottles of wine, opened 3 150.00 gp 4.5 lb.
Food, containers of expensive, imported tea 12 2,400.00 gp 3 lb.
Outfit, black cloak and clothing 1 15.00 gp 5 lb.
Outfit, monk's 2 5.00 gp 4 lb.
Outfit, noble's 14 525.00 gp 140 lb.
Poison, deathblade (vial) 3 2,700.00 gp  
Potion, cure moderate wounds 4 600.00 gp  
Potion, mage armor 2 50.00 gp  
Potion, shield of faith 2 50.00 gp  
Tools, masterwork instruments 7 350.00 gp 21 lb.
Tools, Thifirane Rhiavadi's spellbook (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.380) 1 12,000.00 gp 7.5 lb.
Wand, hold person (CL 5th; charges) 30 3,375.00 gp  
Wand, silence (CL 3rd; charges) 6 270.00 gp  
Weapon, +1 bullet 40 920.20 gp 20 lb.
Weapon, +1 whip 1 1,150.50 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, +1/+1 orc double axe 2 4,660.00 gp 30 lb.
Weapon, arrows 320 8.00 gp 48 lb.
Weapon, bolts 40 2.00 gp 4 lb.
Weapon, composite (+2 Str) shortbow 15 1,687.50 gp 30 lb.
Weapon, falchion 15 562.50 gp 120 lb.
Weapon, masterwork bastard sword 1 335.00 gp 6 lb.
Weapon, masterwork light crossbow 2 335.00 gp 8 lb.
Weapon, masterwork short sword 1 155.00 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, masterwork shortbow 1 165.00 gp 2 lb.
Weapon, masterwork shuriken poisoned with large scorpion venom 10 1,031.00 gp 1 lb.
Weapon, Small short sword 1 5.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, amulet of health +2 2 4,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, cape of the mountebank 1 5,040.00 gp 1 lb.
Wondrous item, gloves of Dexterity +6 1 18,000.00 gp  
Wondrous item, ioun stone (dusty rose prism) 1 2,500.00 gp  
Wondrous item, slippers of spider climbing 1 2,400.00 gp 0.5 lb.
GRAND TOTAL 140,850.00 gp 4,541.44 lb.
Tools, Thifirane Rhiavadi's spellbook (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.380) 1 12,000.00 gp 7.5 lb.
REMAINDER 16,170.00 gp 7.5 lb.
REMAINDER 28,170.00 gp  
Art object, vial of dryad's blood perfume 1 700.00 gp  
REMAINDER 27,470.00 gp  
Food, bottles of wine, opened 3 150.00 gp 4.5 lb.
REMAINDER 28,020.00 gp 4.5 lb.
Armor, +1 shadow studded leather 1 2,462.50 gp 20 lb.
REMAINDER 25,707.50 gp 20 lb.
Scroll, resurrection (CL 13th; divine) 2 12,275.00 gp  
Scroll, true resurrection (CL 17th; divine) 5 72,062.50 gp  
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Hextor 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Lolth 2 25.00 gp 2 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Surtur 1 12.50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, silver unholy symbol of Wee Jas marked with verses of anathema 1 250.00 gp 1 lb.
Tools, wooden unholy symbol of the Ebon Triad 1 .50 gp  
Tools, Fetor Abradius' notes (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.219) 1    
Tools, keys to all locked doors in the Brass Trumpet (Last Laugh safe house) 1    
Tools, large black iron dæmon-shaped keys connected with the Underdark 4    
Tools, master key to all locks in the Cathedral of Wee Jas 1    
Tools, rings of keys (location unknown) 4    
Tools, Thifirane Rhiavadi's library (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.232) 1   1,620 lb.
Tools, Thifirane Rhiavadi's notes (see "The Shackled City Adventure Path" p.231) 1    
Wand, cure serious wounds (CL 5th; charges) 48 5,400.00 gp  
Wand, death ward (CL 7th; charges) 40 8,400.00 gp  
Wand, lesser restoration (CL 2nd; charges) 50 750.00 gp  
Wand, magic circle against evil (CL 5th; charges) 40 4,500.00 gp  

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