Custom Character Face

Character Name: Linda de Arilean Character ID: 87186802 Transaction ID: 1D515382R5636235N PayPal E-mail:

Linda d'Arilean is based on a half-elf bard I created for Dungeons & Dragons (and this e-mail is built off of a template I had used for a previous D&D group, so apologies for any issues in formatting). I had painted the corresponding figurine's straight hair, waving out at the shoulders, primarily a dark "midnight blue," but with the long bangs/frontal hair strands as a bright-blue coloration. I also gave her bright-blue lips and a light "chalk blue" skintone with emerald-green eyes. With the release of the new faces recently, I attempted to combine a number of their qualities together in the below picture; I used the duo-tone hairstyle of the "Demon F" face with the earringed appearance of the "Elf Female 12" face. Since Linda's hair was a touch longer than the "Demon F" face, I also attempted to add in a little bit in the back from the "Human Female 10" face ("Human Girl 16" would have been more accurate, but the outline was far too thick to use in the example illustration). I figured combining aspects of pre-existing faces would make things easier on the artists… hopefully! The below image links to a larger image, created by zooming in on the game at 500% and copy/pasting the graphics in pieces (1,691 × 2,301, 659kB). I've also attempted to attach the image (putting my PHP skills to the test with my HTML-format e-mail generator).

This subsequent illustration is of the figurine I used for Linda, "Astrid, Female Chronicler," by Reaper Miniatures. There's a lot of similarity between the figurine and "Human Girl 16," which I had used for a time when initially playing as Linda. Unfortunately, none of my "cameras" can focus worth-a-darn, so I'm unable to include a photo of the painted figurine.