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Epic Spells
Bardic Epic Spells
Bards may cast epic spells (see "Skills & Feats") with the heal and life seeds as arcane spells without requiring a divine focus. This represents the bard's ability to learn a verse or two of the "Song of Creation," the music that (some believe) gave birth to the multiverse. As with their normal spellcasting, a bard may not develop an epic spell without a verbal component, and they may cast somatic epic spells while wearing light armor without suffering from its arcane spell failure chance.
DC 0 Spells
Epic Spells with a DC of "0" or less cost 4,500 gp, burn 180 XP, and take 1 day to develop.
Permanency VS Instantaneous
Origin of Species, and inherit bonuses granted by the fortify seed, have a duration of "instantaneous" (they still require the permanent factor to be applied). Anything else would be ruled on a case by case basis.