Information Cohort Contingent Conjuration Summon Demon
19th-level Succubus Bard
Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar, Evil)
Languages: Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, read magic, tongues
Hit Dice: 6d8+36 plus 19d6+114 (247 hp)
Initiative: +8
Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares), fly 80 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 42 (+8 Dex, +9 natural, +9 Wis, +1 intrinsic, +5 deflection), touch 33, flat-footed 34
Base Attack/Grapple: +19/+28
Attack: Thunder Kiss +30 melee (2d4+12 plus 1d6 electricity) or +5 claw +30 melee (1d6+10)
Full Attack: Thunder Kiss +30/+25/+20/+15 melee (2d4+12 plus 1d6 electricity) or 2 +5 claws +30 melee (1d6+10)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft. (10 ft. with Thunder Kiss)
Special Attacks: Energy drain, spells, spell-like abilities, summon demon
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 10/cold iron or good, darkvision 60 ft., immunity to electricity and poison, resistance to acid 10, cold 10, and fire 10, spell resistance 18 (36), telepathy 100 ft., bardic knowledge +28, bardic music 19/day (countersong, fascinate, inspire courage, inspire competence, inspire greatness, inspire heroics, song of freedom, mass suggestion), evasion, detect magic, read magic, see invisibility
Saves: Fort +24, Ref +31, Will +32
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 27, Con 23, Int 29, Wis 28, Cha 41
Skills: Appraise +11, Balance +29, Bluff +47, Climb +26, Concentration +36, Decipher Script +12, Diplomacy +53, Disguise +26* (+30 acting), Escape Artist +19, Gather Information +17, Hide +19, Intimidate +32, Jump +27, Knowledge (arcana) +36, Listen +49, Move Silently +38, Perform (sing) +74, Search +20, Sense Motive +39, Spellcraft +43 (+47 scrolls), Spot +35, Survival +11 (+13 following tracks), Swim +7, Tumble +30, Use Magic Device +45 (+49 scrolls), Use Rope +10 (+12 with bindings)
Feats: Alertness, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (spiked chain), Improved Trip, Knock-Down, Mobility, Persuasive
Epic Feats: Lasting Inspiration
Bard Spells Known (4/8/8/8/7/7/6; base DC = 25 + spell level): 0—dancing lights, know direction, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation; 1st—detect secret doors, identify, magic aura, undetectable alignment, unseen servant; 2nd—blindness/deafness, glitterdust, locate object, shatter, whispering wind; 3rd—crushing despair, displacement, haste, sculpt sound, slow; 4th—break enchantment, cure critical wounds, freedom of movement, hold monster, shadow conjuration; 5th—greater dispel magic, greater heroism, mislead, shadow evocation, song of discord; 6th—geas/quest, greater scrying, greater shout, irresistible dance. Caster level 20th.
Challenge Rating: 26
Alignment: Chaotic evil


Ambrosia's natural weapons, as well as any weapon she wields, are treated as chaotic-aligned and evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Ambrosia's claws are treated as magic weapons with a +5 enhancement.
Bardic Knowledge: Ambrosia may make a special bardic knowledge check to see wether she knows some relevant information about local notable people, legendary items, or noteworthy places.
A successful bardic knowledge check will not reveal the powers of a magic item but may give a hint as to its general function. She may not take 10 or take 20 on this check; this sort of knowledge is essentially random.
DC Type of Knowledge
10 Common, known by at least a substantial minority of the local population.
20 Uncommon but available, known by only a few people, legends.
25 Obscure, known by few, hard to come by.
30 Extremely obscure, known by very few, possibly forgotten by most who once knew it, possibly known only by those who don't understand the significance of the knowledge.
Bardic Music: Nineteen times per day, Ambrosia can use her song to produce magical effects on those around her (usually including herself, if desired).
Starting a bardic music effect is a standard action. Some bardic music abilities require concentration, which means she must take a standard action each round to maintain the ability. Even while using bardic music that doesn't require concentration, she cannot cast spells, activate magic items by spell completion (such as scrolls), spell trigger (such as wands), or command word. Just as for casting a spell with a verbal component, she has a 20% chance to fail when attempting to use her bardic music while deafenend. If she fails, the attempt still counts against her daily limit.
Countersong (Su): Ambrosia can use her song to counter magical effects that depend on sound (but not spells that simply have verbal components). Each round of the countersong, she makes a Perform check. Any creatures within 30 feet of Ambrosia (including herself) that is affected by a sonic or language-dependent magical attack may use her Perform check result in place of its saving throw if, after the saving throw is rolled, the Perform check result proves to be higher. If a creature within range of the countersong is already under the effect of a noninstantaneous sonic or language-dependent magical attack, it gains another saving throw against the effect each round it hears the countersong, but it must use her Perform check result for the save. Countersong has no effect against effects that don't allow saves. Ambrosia may keep up the countersong for 10 rounds.
Fascinate (Su): Ambrosia can use her song to cause up to seven creatures to become fascinated with her. Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear her, and able to pay attention to her. She must also be able to see the creature. The distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers prevents the ability from working.
To use the ability, Ambrosia makes a Perform check. Her check result is the DC for each affected creature's Will save against the effect. If a creature's saving throw succeeds, she cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and listens to the song, taking no other actions, for as long as she continues to sing and concentrate (up to a maximum of 19 rounds). While fascinated, a target takes a -4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Listen and Spot checks. Any potential threat requires Ambrosia to make another Perform check and allows the creature a new saving throw against a DC equal to the new Perform check result.
Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a ranged weapon at the target, automatically breaks the effect. Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability.
Inspire Courage (Su): Ambrosia can use her song to inspire courage in her allies (including herself), bolstering them against fear and improving their combat abilities. To be affected, an ally must be able to hear her sing. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears her sing and for 50 rounds thereafter. An affected ally receives a +3 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +3 morale bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. Inspire courage is a mind-affecting ability.
Inspire Competence (Su): Ambrosia can use her song to help an ally succeed at a task. The ally must be within 30 feet and able to see and hear her. She must also be able to see the ally.
The ally gets a +2 competence bonus on skill checks with a particular skill as long as he or she continues to hear the bard's music. Certain uses of this ability are infeasible. The effect lasts as long as Ambrosia concentrates, up to a maximum of 2 minutes. She can't inspire competence in herself. Inspire competence is a mind-affecting ability.
Inspire Greatness (Su): Ambrosia can use song to inspire greatness in herself or up to four willing allies within 30 feet, granting him or her extra fighting capability. To inspire greatness, she must sing and an ally must hear her sing. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears her sing and for 50 rounds thereafter. A creature inspired with greatness gains 2 bonus Hit Dice (d10s), the commensurate number of temporary hit points (apply the target's Constitution modifier, if any, to these bonus Hit Dice), a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, and a +1 competence bonus on Fortitude saves. The bonus Hit Dice count as regular Hit Dice for determining the effect of spells that are Hit Dice dependant. Inspire greatness is a mind-affecting ability.
Inspire Heroics (Su): Ambrosia can use song to inspire tremendous heroism in herself or two willing allies within 30 feet. To inspire heroics, she must sing and an ally must hear her sing for a full round. A creature so inspired gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws and a +4 dodge bonus to AC. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears her sing and for up to 50 rounds thereafter. Inspire heroics is a mind-affecting ability.
Song of Freedom (Sp): Ambrosia can use song to create an effect equivalent to the break enchantment spell (CL 20). Using this ability requires 1 minute of uniterrupted concentration and song, and it functions on a single target within 30 feet. She can't use song of freedom on herself.
Mass Suggestion (Sp): Ambrosia can make a suggestion (as the spell) to any number of creatures that she has already fascinated. Using this ability does not break her concentration on the fascinate effect, nor does it allow a second saving throw against the fascinate effect.
Making a suggestion doesn't count against her daily limit on bardic music performances. A Will saving throw (DC 34) negates the effect. Mass suggestion is an enchantment (complusion), mind-affecting, language dependent ability.
Energy Drain (Su): Ambrosia drains energy from a mortal she lures into some act of passion, or by simply planting a kiss on the victim. If the target is not willing to be kissed, she must start a grapple, which provokes an attack of opportunity. Ambrosia's kiss or embrace bestows one negative level. The kiss also has the effect of a suggestion spell, asking the victim to accept another kiss from her. The victim must succeed on a DC 28 Will save to negate the effect of the suggestion. The DC is 28 for the Fortitude save to remove a negative level.
Spell-like Abilities: At will—charm monster (DC 29), detect good, detect thoughts (DC 27), ethereal jaunt (self plus 50 pounds of objects only), suggestion (DC 28), greater teleport (self plus 50 pounds of objects only). Caster level 13th.
Summon Demon (Sp): Once per day Ambrosia can attempt to summon 1 vrock with a 30% chance of success. This ability is the equivalent of a 3rd-level spell (see tab).
Change Shape (Su): Ambrosia can assume the form of any Small or Medium humanoid.
Tongues (Su): Ambrosia has a permanent tongues ability (as the spell, caster level 13th). She usually uses verbal communication with mortals.
Evasion: If Ambrosia makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if Ambrosia is wearing light armor or no armor. If she is helpless, she does not gain the benefit of evasion. This ability is tied to her boots of swiftness.
Skills: Ambrosia has a +8 racial bonus on Listen and Spot checks.
*While using her change shape ability, Ambrosia gains a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks.
Possessions: Thunder kiss, time lord's piece, roc's wing, bracers of might, corset of spell resistance, +30 choker of the maiden's song, +6 headband of intellect, +5 ring of protection, monk's belt, luckstone, boots of swiftness, ioun stones (burnt orange sphere +5, dark blue rhomboid, incandescent blue sphere +6, iridescent spindle, orange prism, pale green prism), mini handy haversack, spell component pouch, masterwork manacle with an amazing lock, fine wine, soap, 5 silver pearls worth 100 gold each, 5 platinum, 9 gold, 5 silver. Ambrosia also has the spells detect magic, greater magic fang, read magic, and see invisibility permanently cast upon her, as well as a +5 inherent bonus to all ability scores (Caster Level 20th).

Enchanting all those around her with her sensual voice, Ambrosia is a succubus of great charisma and vile tendencies. She has no qualms about appearing in distress to lure hapless mortals into her clutches, wherein she rewards her heroes by draining away their very lives with but a kiss. Called forth from the fiendish realms by the thaumaturgist, Alura, she serves the nymph in spreading chaos throughout the multiverse.

Strategies and Tactics

Succubi are well known throughout the underworld for their trickery and tempting nature. They often using their shapechanging ability to appear as comely men and women, using their beauty to entice others to do their bidding before devouring their souls. Not only does Ambrosia utterly embrace this tradition, but this demoness of lust has augmented her natural powers with a few, new abilities. Her enchanting song fascinates the masses and makes then fall prey to her mere suggestion, turning once stout warriors and proud wizards into her mindless thralls. Such music can be more than just a bane to her foes, however; it also serves as a boon to her allies, emboldening their hearts, raising their spirits, and leading them to unparallelled heights of legendary power.
Yet an air of blood-lust ever surrounds this demoness, a thirst to inflict as much pain and suffering upon her victims as possible. She believes that fear makes the flavor of one's soul all the more richer, and as such revels in the sight of the doomed, her spine shivering with ecstasy as she gazes into the eyes of those experiencing their final moments. To this end she has spent eons perfecting her skills with the spiked chain, a deadly weapon wielded only by those with the sharpest reflexes. Few can escape her reach as her chain wraps around her foe's body, blackest lightning surging straight through to the core of the victim's very being. The hardiest spirit is left laying on the ground, begging for mercy; but those consumed by the soul-numbing force are transformed into horrid undead, completely under her control. Even the mighty solars fear the unholy blades of this succubus' dread weapon.

Sample Encounter

Ambrosia's thoughts are most often focused on only a single goal; get close to her victims and ensnare them with her song, planting within them the suggestion that they should except a kiss from her, and in doing so drain away their life essence. In ages past she has allowed herself to be kidnapped, flirting with both her captors and her rescuers. Other times she would appear as a frail damsel requiring assistance, or merely throw her arms around the neck of the nearest, handsome face. It all amounts to the same conclusion; what begins as a night of wonton passion ends with her victims as desiccated husks, her form and splendor strengthened by consuming their savory spirits.
Ambrosia's Song (EL 26): A contingency of soldiers have just returned from a long and weary battlefield, and as they enter a tavern they are welcomed by the sultry voice and form of Ambrosia, shapechanged into a fair elven songstress. Within her innocent singing, however, hides a fiendish chorus of wicked intent, begging the hapless fools to enter into her sweet and deadly embrace. Where one succubus can seduce a single victim, Ambrosia can en-spell many. Offering her body freely to the men, she will leave behind death in her wake, before vanishing from the village more powerful than ever.

Knowledge (The Planes)
DC Result
36 ???
41 ???
46 ???


Environment: ???
Physical Characteristics: Like her sisters, Ambrosia boasts a statuesque figure and flawless beauty. Hair like ethereal flame cascades down her head, while the gaze from her golden eyes lure mortals into eternal damnation. Her provocative attire does more than entice the weak-willed; it enhances her body and mind, shields her from the spells of her foes, and elevates her voice to heavenly brilliance. The soft, welcoming curves of her body, however, are contrasted by the spiked chain wrapped around her forearm, its sharp blades wreathed in unholy lightning that turn all slain by it into Ambrosia's undead slave. This fact is not lost upon her, as she wields her prized weapon with fiendish glee.
Alignment: ???


Ambrosia can be found anywhere there is chaos, passion, and darkness, deep within quiet dens that turn a blind eye to the law. If one finds oneself beset by a robust and joyous damsel whom appears to be a little too friendly, be wary. She will always offer a warm compliment and soothing wine, seeking to get close to the next, tempting morsel. Once she has found a susceptible target, she lays on the magic, appearing sweet and sensuous, even ditzy, before falling into her companion's arms and snuggling close, bringing her soft lips ever closer to devouring the soul of her victim. She has often been known to play with her food, and when confronted by a band of heroes will ever play the innocent, using her unfathomable charisma to turn aside her would-be pursuers.
Her flighty nature prevents her from staying in any one place for too long, her vile heart forever seeking out spirits possessing new and exotic flavors. Due to her shapechanging ability, she can appear quite where you least expect her, and teleport away before she can make her true presence known. When in need of rest, however, she is most at home in her mistress' realm of Amariel; there she can regain her strength, partake of all the rich splendor that being a cherished servant of Desire offers, and teach the budding clergy of Alura's temple a few tricks devised within the darkest depths of the Abyss. Within the temple itself those loyal to the Azure Rose are warded from death's embrace, allowing them to fully enjoy Ambrosia's company without fear of their energy being drained by the succubus.

Typical Treasure

Across vast realms and treacherous planes Ambrosia has stolen, won, and obtained numerous magical equipment from her paramours. They strengthen her defenses, enhance her loveliness, and make her fierce attacks all the deadlier. Included in this cache is her unholy spiked chain, a golden pocket watch allowing her to stop time, and a pair of manacles allowing her to entrap a charmed victim. Her total wealth is comparable to a player character of her Challenge Rating, plus the offering granted to her by Alura.